Technomic Develops Comprehensive Online Service to Track Adult Beverage Metrics

Adult Beverage Metrics

Technomic Inc., the leading food and beverage industry research and consulting firm, has begun development of the most comprehensive and actionable online adult beverage resource. In addition to increasing its leadership position in the industry, Technomic and its clients have identified an unfulfilled need for extensive, timely and strategic data and insights on beer, wine and spirits volume trends.

To spearhead this initiative, Technomic is adding two industry veterans to its team who will provide experience and expertise in trend tracking and analysis. We are happy to announce Eric Schmidt has joined Technomic as Director of Research and Donna Hood Crecca has come on board as Senior Director for the Adult Beverage Resource Group.

In addition to tracking U.S. sales and volume information for spirits, wine and beer brands, the Adult Beverage Resource Group will take the database to the next level with key consumer attitude and usage metrics, pricing and in-depth analysis of the adult beverage market that will provide relevant insights for strategic planning decisions. As the only database of adult beverage information to be delivered via an online platform, it will be updated frequently, making the most current information readily available to subscribers. Annual reports, updates and forecasts, along with special reports on specific beverage categories and the fastest-growing brands, will be published in both electronic and print formats.

A steering committee comprised of adult beverage industry executives is providing input to guide development of the database, insuring its relevance and value. The Adult Beverage Resource Group will release a Trends in Adult Beverage (TAB) report on the spirits category in the early spring and launch the online database platform in early summer. Additional TAB reports on wine, beer and the on-premise segment will follow, along with special reports, and an Adult Beverage Trends & Direction event will be presented in the fall.

The Adult Beverage Resource Group joins the Technomic Adult Beverage Practice initiative in providing actionable data and consulting services to suppliers, marketers, wholesalers, retailers and on-premise operators.

“Technomic has been building a suite of products and services for adult beverage suppliers, and this initiative will deliver the volume data that our clients have been asking for,” said David Henkes, Vice President of Technomic and leader of its Adult Beverage Practice. “Our current online infrastructure, combined with this new and unique dataset, will provide a comprehensive best-in-class solution for suppliers looking to understand and react to trends in the marketplace.”

Eric Schmidt has been tracking and analyzing adult beverage sales and volume trends for 10 years, working with Beverage Information Group and Beverage Marketing Corp.

Donna Hood Crecca has covered adult beverage in both the on-premise and retail markets for nearly two decades, most recently as Publisher and Editorial Director of Nightclub & Bar. Both will work closely with David Henkes and Darren Tristano, Executive Vice President and head of Technomic’s Information Services Group.

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