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BK, Sonic, White Castle and Even Starbucks Look for Boost, but Legal and Employment Issues Abound

Want a beer with that burger and fries?

Fast feeders such as Burger King, White Castle and Sonic are dabbling in booze in test markets. Starbucks has started selling wine and beer in five Seattle locations and at one in Portland, Ore. It plans to offer wine and beer in seven locations in Chicago and will expand the offerings to Southern California and Atlanta to boost evening sales.

The moves can bring higher check prices, but also regulatory headaches. And for big fast-food chains, selling booze on a large scale won’t deliver huge margins — at least at first — since it’s also likely to add upfront costs for franchisees who would need to install new equipment such as coolers and booze lockers. Continue reading


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Two South Florida fast-food stops offer beer with their tator tots

Sonic Beer

Alcohol is on the menu at South Florida’s Sonic, with $1.50 beers offered with your burger and fries.

The temptation that is fast-food dining has always been a slippery slope. Give in to your burger craving, and it gets pretty hard to turn down some added fries. But what if things could get even more sinful?
As in, instead of that plain ol’ Coke: “would you like a beer with that?”

That’s the question that fast-food joints are increasingly posing to customers, both in South Florida and around the nation. The latest example is the South Florida return of Sonic Drive-In, which is back after a two-decade absence. Continue reading

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White Castle Burger Chain Considers Alcohol Sales

By DOUG WHITEMAN Associated Press
COLUMBUS, Ohio December 21, 2011 (AP)
White Castle, a 90-year-old hamburger chain known for its square “slider” burgers, is sipping on the idea of offering alcoholic beverages as it tests beer and wine sales at a restaurant in Indiana.

The food famously craved by stoners in the 2004 movie “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle” can be had with a glass of wine or a domestic or seasonal beer at a Lafayette, Ind., restaurant that fuses a conventional White Castle with a new concept for the company called Blaze Modern BBQ. Wine costs $4.50 and beers start at $3.

“This was something that customers had been suggesting,” said Jamie Richardson, a spokesman for Columbus-based White Castle System Inc. “They thought that beer and wine might go nicely with the barbecue that was available at Blaze. We’re certain that we might have some customers who might enjoy some sliders and a beer or wine as well.” Continue reading

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